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Could your kids benefit from post-divorce nesting?

It is important that readers of this Colorado family law blog understand that no one strategy for caring for kids following a divorce will work for everyone. In fact, different families may need to employ highly variable and unique plans to ensure that their children are provided with what they need to thrive. The best interests of the children should guide child custody and parental visitation cases in our state's courts, but one highly unique form of child-sharing following a divorce is emerging as a potential means of protecting children's emotional health.

Unmarried fathers, child custody and visitation

Sometimes when a child in Colorado is born to unmarried parents who are no longer in a relationship with one another, it may be assumed that the child's mother will receive primary parental responsibilities, also known as child custody. However, unmarried fathers can also seek parental responsibilities or parenting time, also known as visitation. There are certain steps that must be completed in order to do so.

Seeking solutions to child custody issues in Colorado

When a child's parents divorce, the child's best interests should be met above all else. Divorce is not an easy time for a child. They will have to become accustomed to living in two homes, and they may experience a range of emotions, from confusion to sadness to fear. Parents should do all they can to comfort their child throughout the divorce process, despite any animosity they may have for one another.

Parents in Colorado can plan for the school year post-divorce

Summer has come and gone, and children across Colorado are going back to school. While this can be an exciting time of year for some children, for children whose parents are divorced going back to school can be stressful. It is important for divorced parents to work together to set their child up for success in school.

How does divorce affect a parent's ability to relocate?

Summertime is a popular time for parents to move, as it means that their child will have time to adjust to their new home before the school year starts. However, when parents are divorced, moving is not as simple as packing up your things and taking off for your new home. If there is a child custody and parental visitation order in place, the parent that wants to move may need to seek a modification of the order first.

Colorado parenting in the summer, post-divorce

Summer is here and for children in Colorado whose parents have divorced, summer may mean that a child custody and parental visitation schedule will be followed that is different from the one followed in the school year. For example, during the school year, one parent may have custody of the child on weekdays, and the other parent may have visitation every-other weekend. However, oftentimes in the summer the noncustodial parent will have an extended period of visitation with the child, such as one month. In addition, both parents may want to take the child on a vacation that differs from their normal custody and visitation periods. It is important, then, to ensure any changes to a custody and visitation plan are lawful, in order to avoid unwanted surprises and conflicts.

An overview of child custody and parental visitation in Colorado

When two parents in Colorado decide to divorce, they must also make difficult decisions concerning their child. They want what is best for their child, but a divorce can turn a child's world upside-down, as the life they once knew has suddenly changed. It can be a time of stress for both the parents and the child.

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