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How does virtual visitation fit into a parenting plan?

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2018 | Child Custody and Parental Visitation, Firm News | 0 comments

Readers of this Colorado legal blog may be reviewing this article on their computers, from their phones or on other internet-connected devices. The fact is, people get their news, engage in business and communicate with their loved ones from the convenience of electronic devices each and every day. Technology has the power to bring people together like never before, and now, certain technologies are finding their way into the custody plans many families must follow.

While most parents would prefer to have actual, in-person time with their kids, the reality of life sometimes prevents this from happening. A parent may have to travel long distances for their job or live miles away from their child for personal or professional reasons. When distance prevents parents and children from being together, technology can help bridge the gap through virtual visitation.

Virtual visitation is the connection of a parent to a child through electronic means. Parents and kids can use video conferencing software or apps to see each other as they talk, or they can communicate by text or other social media outlets to stay in touch. When virtual visitation is permitted in a custody and visitation plan it is generally the case that the parent with whom the child resides may not interfere with the communications between the child and their non-custodial parent.

Not every family will need to or be able to incorporate virtual visitation into their child custody and visitation plans. However, for those who cannot have a traditional plan that involves face-to-face experiences between parents and children, virtual visitation can fill an important void to keep adults connected to the kids they love.