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An overview of child custody and parental visitation in Colorado

When two parents in Colorado decide to divorce, they must also make difficult decisions concerning their child. They want what is best for their child, but a divorce can turn a child's world upside-down, as the life they once knew has suddenly changed. It can be a time of stress for both the parents and the child.

One issue that will have to be reckoned with is that of child custody, referred to as "parental responsibilities" in Colorado. Parental responsibilities include determining where the child will reside, which parent (or both) will make major decisions regarding the raising and care of their child and what visitation periods for the noncustodial parent, known as "parenting time" in Colorado will look like.

How to bring your credit rating back from the brink

Resurrecting one’s credit rating is one of the primary goals that bankruptcy debtors have. While it may appear insurmountable at the outset, it is actually possible to do so with careful maintenance of the credit opportunities that will come about.

Believe it or not, lenders and credit card issuers want the business that comes from debtors emerging from bankruptcy. They believe that these customers have a strong desire to re-establish their credit ratings, and will take their responsibility with credit very seriously. As such, it is very common for debtors who have recently received discharges to have a flood of credit card applications come their way.

The bankruptcy option: Is it for you?

Your family's spending has, for necessary reasons, surpassed your budget. Food and clothing have depleted your savings, and medical bills have created debt. 

You're now at a financial crossroads. You have some options to think about. One way would be a self-guided approach toward reigning in your spending, slowly digging out of debt, and making financial sacrifices that will get your family back on the financial track. You can also talk with a credit counselor.

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