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When is sole custody ordered in family law cases?

On Behalf of | Mar 22, 2019 | Child Custody and Parental Visitation, Firm News | 0 comments

Every child custody and family law case is based on different facts and will involve children who have different needs. The best interests of one Colorado child may vary greatly from those of another, and for that reason individual custody cases receive their own consideration and review. The information contained in this post is informational in nature and should not be used by readers as legal advice.

Child custody involves reflections on where a child will live as well as considerations related to who may make decisions about their care. These two aspects of child custody are divided into physical custody and legal custody. While it is often the case that two parents will share legal custody of their kids so that they can both have a say in how their children are raised, it is not unusual for only one parent to be granted physical custody.

That is because it can serve the interests of a child to have a single, stable home from which to live. Their noncustodial parent may maintain their relationship with the child through visitation and other means of involvement, but in some cases courts may award only one parent both the legal and physical custody of their children if the other parent may present a danger to them.

In situations where abuse or domestic violence has affected a child, that child may be placed in the sole custody of the parent who did not perpetrate violence in their life. In order to protect them from the threat of harm from their other parent, they may have limited contact with that adult in order to protect their safety and security. Custody matters that involve these serious issues can be complicated to handle, and for this reason it can be helpful for parents to find family law attorneys that they can work with to resolve their legal needs.