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Child Support Enforcement Solutions Tailored To Your Situation

During divorce or after a parent has established parental rights, child support payments are set in place to ensure that both parents are contributing financially to the well-being of the child. The court places a high priority on protecting the best interests of the child, and it takes these payments very seriously.

Dedicated Family Law Attorney

If a parent is failing to pay the child support amounts required and continues to do so over a period of time, there are legal steps the other parent can take to enforce the decree and get the money needed for the child. At The Bruntz Law Firm, LLC, our family law attorneys assist parents by working with the court to ensure that the child support decree is enforced.

If your child’s parent is not paying child support as he or she has been ordered, contact our law office today for assistance and to learn how we can help.

The court will often use several tools or steps to make the other parent pay. This includes wage deductions, driver’s license suspension, tax intercepts and charges of contempt of court. Contempt of court charges can result in the individual facing jail time or fines.

If you are a parent and in need of child support enforcement, we understand the stress you are facing. Our lawyers provide the legal answers and solutions you need to protect the financial interests of your child.

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