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FAQs About Bankruptcy

At The Bruntz Law Firm, LLC, we are here to answer your frequently asked questions about bankruptcy and assist you in finding lasting debt relief solutions. With offices in Parker and Broomfield, our lawyer serves clients throughout the surrounding areas of Colorado.

Here are a few common questions:

Q. Can I use bankruptcy to save my home and car?
A. In some cases, yes. Chapter 13 bankruptcy may allow you to stop home foreclosure or avoid car repossession.

Q. Will bankruptcy stop my wages from being garnished?
A. Yes, whether you file Chapter 7 or 13, it will put an immediate stop to wage garnishment.

Q. How long will my creditors keep calling?
A. Once you file bankruptcy, the court will issue an automatic stay that immediately prohibits creditors from contacting you and stops harassment.

Q. What debts can I eliminate?
A. Bankruptcy can completely discharge or eliminate any unsecured debts. These include medical bills and credit card bills. Secured debts, such as student loans, are generally not dischargeable.

Q. How long does bankruptcy take?
A. In a typical Chapter 7 case, the initial filing to the final discharge usually takes anywhere from four to six months. Chapter 13 repayment plans last between three and five years.

Q. Will bankruptcy destroy my credit forever?
A. Certainly not. It is possible to rebuild your credit after bankruptcy. For many people who are deeply in debt, erasing the debts and starting again is the best way to go.

Q. How quickly can you file my case?
A. We can usually turn around a bankruptcy case within 24 hours. While more notice than that is certainly beneficial, we understand that some clients need to put an immediate halt to a home foreclosure.

Q. Do I need to take any classes?
A. Yes, you must take pre- and post-bankruptcy classes. Both of these classes are conveniently available 24/7 online.

To have your specific questions answered, feel free to schedule a free initial consultation with Parker and Broomfield bankruptcy attorney Damon Bruntz. Call 720-837-2960 or complete our online contact form today.

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