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Marital Dissolution Can Take A Serious Toll On Finances

One of the most common reasons for a person to consider bankruptcy is because of divorce. Dissolving a marriage usually involves a very significant change in the family’s financial dynamics. Suddenly there are two mortgage payments to make instead of one. There are also child support obligations, alimony payments, court fees and a host of other expenses to consider.

At The Bruntz Law Firm, LLC, we bring knowledgeable legal guidance to the aid of clients dealing with both financial and marital concerns in Colorado. Our divorce and bankruptcy attorney, Damon Bruntz, has experience in both areas of law, allowing him to provide the comprehensive counsel clients require.

Addressing Divorce-Related Debts

Court-ordered alimony and child support payments are not dischargeable through bankruptcy. However, if you have fallen behind in other areas and accumulated debts as a result of the financial strain of your divorce, filing bankruptcy may be a solution.

Every divorce agreement or support order must be carefully analyzed. The language used in the document may make it simple to pursue debt relief, or it may expose you to further court action. That is why it is important to obtain competent legal guidance.

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