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December 2018 Archives

Bankruptcy as a tool to help you keep your home

Facing financial obstacles can be scary for anyone, but when a Colorado resident is threatened with an economic crisis that could impact their loved ones, they may be ready to do whatever they can to shield their dependents from harm. This is especially true when that person is subject to foreclosure proceedings that could put their home at risk of being lost. For readers who are not familiar with the topic, foreclosure happens when a lender repossesses a property after the default of a buyer who cannot make their payments.

How does virtual visitation fit into a parenting plan?

Readers of this Colorado legal blog may be reviewing this article on their computers, from their phones or on other internet-connected devices. The fact is, people get their news, engage in business and communicate with their loved ones from the convenience of electronic devices each and every day. Technology has the power to bring people together like never before, and now, certain technologies are finding their way into the custody plans many families must follow.

Strategies for keeping the vacation home in a Colorado divorce

There are many issues that arise in a divorce that you may not have considered before the end of your marriage. For example, many people don't stop to think about the value or possession of their real estate holdings. Even when confronted with the potential of a divorce, many people remain focused on the primary home instead of vacation homes and investment properties.

Surprising consequences of having a home lost to foreclosure

Having a home repossessed by a lender through the legal process of foreclosure can be hard on a Colorado family. However, individuals who are forced into this difficult process may be unaware that foreclosure can leave them with unexpected financial consequences once the process has completed. This post will touch on some of the issues people may have to deal with after foreclosure but readers are reminded that this post offers no legal advice.

What does it mean for Colorado to be a common law property state?

How property is divided during a divorce can be one of the most concerning and contentious parts of ending a marriage. When a person makes a list of everything that they own with their partner and on their own, they may be overwhelmed by the real, personal and intangible property that they own. The fact that our state is a common law property state that follows equitable distribution practices may not provide them with much understanding of what will happen with all of their possessions.

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