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Creating a communication plan in the digital age

On Behalf of | Apr 25, 2023 | Child Custody and Parental Visitation | 0 comments

Parents filing for divorce now face considerations that were irrelevant to custody and visitation orders a couple of decades ago. You are raising digital natives who depend on technology in almost every aspect of their lives. It is only reasonable to consider the role that technology should play in your parenting plan and visitation schedule.

There are some key communication elements to consider as you draft these portions of your divorce settlement.

Consider virtual visitation

Video communication is easier than ever with so many apps and platforms that allow direct video calling. Leverage this technology as part of your parenting plan by allowing virtual visitation for either parent when the children are in the other parent’s household. Set restrictions if necessary to prevent time monopolization, but encourage ongoing communication to preserve the relationship between the children and both of their parents.

Address social media communication

Social media accounts are a staple of a modern teenager’s daily life. Sometimes, those social media accounts are the easiest way for parents to interact and maintain communication when they do not have active custody of their children. Be mindful of social media communications and define boundaries for both parents to prevent any questionable behavior.

Recognizing the role that technology plays in your children’s lives is an important part of addressing parental communication and visitation in your divorce settlement and parenting plan. Consider these elements as you draft the details of your settlement. In addition, consider any other factors or digital platforms that may apply to your family situation.