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November 2018 Archives

Different bankruptcy options require different qualifications

Not everyone knows that there are different options for individuals who wish to file for bankruptcy. "Bankruptcy" is actually a set of different legal paths that may allow individuals to relieve themselves of their debts and help them start their financial lives with fewer obligations. Before a Colorado resident throws themselves into the bankruptcy courts, they should be sure they understand the different requirements that they will face for their different bankruptcy options.

Could your kids benefit from post-divorce nesting?

It is important that readers of this Colorado family law blog understand that no one strategy for caring for kids following a divorce will work for everyone. In fact, different families may need to employ highly variable and unique plans to ensure that their children are provided with what they need to thrive. The best interests of the children should guide child custody and parental visitation cases in our state's courts, but one highly unique form of child-sharing following a divorce is emerging as a potential means of protecting children's emotional health.

Fault may no longer be used as grounds for divorce in Colorado

Getting a divorce can be a difficult process for a Parker resident, especially when they must manage the health and happiness of their children as well as themselves during the dissolution of their marriage. The decision to file for divorce may not be an easy one and when the time comes to file the proper pleadings with the court, an individual may not be sure of just what to do. Working with a trusted attorney is a good way to avoid issues as a person moves through their divorce.

Is bankruptcy a good means to manage debt?

If you're mired in debt and unable to see a way out, you likely will find yourself with a couple of options. Enrolling in a debt management plan or filing for bankruptcy are two solutions for debtors who can no longer pay off their financial obligations.

Unmarried fathers, child custody and visitation

Sometimes when a child in Colorado is born to unmarried parents who are no longer in a relationship with one another, it may be assumed that the child's mother will receive primary parental responsibilities, also known as child custody. However, unmarried fathers can also seek parental responsibilities or parenting time, also known as visitation. There are certain steps that must be completed in order to do so.

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