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March 2019 Archives

Bankruptcy can help debtors hold onto their homes

Debts are burdensome and uncomfortable. When Parker residents receive their monthly credit card bills and see that their balances have ballooned due to interest fees or that an unexpected medical procedure is thousands of dollars more than they anticipated, they may worry about how they will pay their financial obligations. Unpaid debts have a way of festering and growing and not going away until debtors take action.

When is sole custody ordered in family law cases?

Every child custody and family law case is based on different facts and will involve children who have different needs. The best interests of one Colorado child may vary greatly from those of another, and for that reason individual custody cases receive their own consideration and review. The information contained in this post is informational in nature and should not be used by readers as legal advice.

Who gets to keep your vacation home in a Colorado divorce?

The Colorado landscape is dotted with mountains and lakes, both of which lend themselves well to the establishment of a vacation home. Many families in Colorado have a vacation home where they can enjoy the summer or the winter holidays together. These properties can often be a major source of contention in Colorado divorces.

When does spousal maintenance end?

Getting a divorce can be difficult for a Colorado resident, especially if they have concerns about how they will financially support themselves once their marriage is over. In some divorce cases, financially disadvantaged individuals may secure alimony or spousal maintenance from their exes to help them transition into their new single lives. Alimony can end based upon the terms of an agreement made amongst the parties or based on how a divorce court structures the parties' alimony order.

Using bankruptcy to stop home foreclosure

Facing home foreclosure can be scary for a Colorado family. The prospect of losing one's home can weigh heavily on a person who faces uncertainty regarding where to move their spouse and children. When foreclosure becomes a possibility in their life, they may explore their legal options for protecting their residence and the equity that they have built in it.

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