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A review of a possible Colorado divorce timeline

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2019 | Divorce, Firm News | 0 comments

Every divorce is different. As such, it is important that readers of this blog understand that the schedule their divorce follows may be different from the one outlined in this post. This post is provided to highlight for its readers the many important and divergent matters that couples must work through in order to end their marriages. Since every marriage follows its own course, readers are reminded that this post is informational and should not be used as specific legal guidance.

Generally, a divorce begins when one or both of the parties to a marriage decide that they want to end their legal relationship. They may contact their attorney to prepare the proper pleading to file with the court that explains why they want to terminate their marriage. This step is rather technical, as divorce pleadings must meet certain procedural requirements.

Once the pleading is served on the other party to the marriage, the receiving party may answer the filing party’s pleading with their own. Based upon the information contained in the pleadings, the judge may move the parties’ case into a hearing and open up the process of dividing their assets. Couples may mediate a settlement of their property division, the custody of their kids, and the support they will provide to them, or, if they cannot work together to reach a resolution, then they may litigate such matters before a judge.

If a party is unhappy with what a judge decides in their divorce case, then they may be able to appeal the decision. Each step in this intricate process can be complicated by differences of opinion, unique circumstances that affect the parties, and many other factors. To get through a divorce with confidence, many individuals choose to work with family law attorneys who can help them stay informed about their rights and options during their divorces.